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Among the many business opportunities available online, info products are a great way to develop a consistent income stream. Almost every niche has an audience looking for cutting edge information, with many willing to pay rather than go searching for everything they require. In most cases, info products have reasonable start up costs, limited ongoing expenses, and a high profit potential, making them a great choice for creative entrepreneurs on a limited budget. Driving traffic to your offer will be one of the biggest challenges, though, requiring a solid plan that will deliver a consistent flow of visitors. The following traffic strategies can all be used to successfully promote an info product.

Offer Incentives (i.e. GoDaddy Coupons) To Your Existing Customers

You can turn your first students into ambassadors for your own product. Here’s how: give them coupon codes that’ll save new people a certain percentage off your product. These coupons are unique: if someone uses it, it’ll be a referral for that student. You can then give the original person a percent off a future product. You can see a big-time like GoDaddy utilizes this strategy on sites like this:  

Create an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is…
udemy future of learning
Learning doesn’t have to be restricted to the classroom. With some sort of computer and an internet connection, the entire web is at our fingertips. Nearly everyone has the capability to access all sorts of information. With the advent of online education, there are so many resources available on the web that you don’t need to go to a traditional school to be able to learn. You can take a $4,000 university course for $19 on Udemy’s website (with a coupon of course). Want to create the next There are plenty of sites on the web that allow for a continuing education no matter one’s schedule and status. Some people say these courses aren’t as useful as traditional courses offered at schools, but some say that online education is the future. So, are these online resources really as valuable as a classroom schooling, though? This article will discuss websites that offer education and what exactly is offered, the dropout rates of these classes and why they are what they are different from traditional course dropout rates, and how effective these courses are in teaching. Information is everywhere on the web. Very popular resources for learning online are Coursera,…