udemy future of learning

Learning doesn’t have to be restricted to the classroom. With some sort of computer and an internet connection, the entire web is at our fingertips. Nearly everyone has the capability to access all sorts of information. With the advent of online education, there are so many resources available on the web that you don’t need […]

gamification in learning

Video game developers have become very effective over the years at getting players addicted to their products, much like gambling gets its hooks into people. But while gambling and games get you hooked into potentially harmful habits, the ways by which they entice people to become addicted have the possibility to be extremely helpful in […]


Motivation is an important thing. It is the literal reason that anyone does anything of note. Without the drive to complete something, we would never get anything done! This motivation comes in two different forms: Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Both forms are effective at encouraging someone to do something, but in separate ways. They […]


We live in a world filled with devices that once were only found in science-fiction stories. For example, recent advances in VR technology could take our interpretation of what the ‘classroom’ is to a radically new place. Tracking systems and headsets with input devices can transport users to a digital playground where anything is possible. […]